Senior Pricing!

One Location & Outfit


Price: $250
Outfits: One
Pictures: 60+

Two Locations & Two Outfits


Price: $450
Outfits: Two
Pictures: 120+

Three Locations & 3-4 Outfits


Price: $650
Outfits: 3-4
Pictures: 180+

Unlimited Locations & Outfits


- Unlimited outfits and locations within 5 hours
- Can split into two days

Each Extra Outfit: +$50

Each Extra Location After Three Locations : +$100

48 Hour Delivery: $100

For photoshoot prices (other than senior) contact me.


I don't know how to pose, what do I do?

I will pose you! Don't worry, I'll either pose my self and ask you to copy me, or I'll direct you to pose :)

How long until I get my gallery?

Depending on the photo season, it will take 1-2 weeks.

Whats your experience in photography?

I have been doing photography for years, have received numerous awards and have been displayed in different museums across the country.

What kind of gear do you use?

For my camera body, I use the fabulous Canon 5d Mark III, along with a variety of lenses that are chosen individually to best suit the photoshoot.

For any other questions!

Contact me!

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